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As a Buyer or Seller Why should I use All American instead of someone else?

Experience: All American consistently sells more than 40 Mooneys per year. We can document this fact. Every airplane that we sell is in our hanger. None are sold absentee, unless we know the plane personally and have a deal done on it prior to getting it in San Antonio (on rare occasions, if we are familiar with a plane, we will sell it while the owner continues to use it). We begin the marketing of the plane upon receiving a signed consignment agreement from an owner, but we do disclose that we don't have the airplane, and we wont accept an offer until the plane is physically in our possession and physically inspected by us. There are some dealers that are known advertise aircraft that don't exist just to get the calls. Then the switch occurs. We will never do this. We only sell real aircraft. We also price our aircraft at full but not ridiculous prices. We don't put a 10% premium on the plane just so we can negotiate to the price that it should sell vs. the market.

Integrity: We never oversell the merits of a plane (many buyers actually tell us that we Under-represent the planes that we sell). We feel that if you come across the country to view one of our aircraft, you should not be disappointed. Full disclosure is the key. We don't use a number rating scale for paint and interior. It is too subjective. Instead, we look at a plane and describe how it appeals to us. If the paint needs some work, we tell the prospect. There is no sense in alienating someone by over-representing a plane. It is just poor business to sell planes any other way.

Dedication: All we do is sell Mooneys (and the occasional non-Mooney trade-in). We don't work on them (We sold our maintenance business because it took too much time away from selling Mooneys). We don't run an FBO. We don't sell parts and Mods. We don't manage aircraft for other people. Our livelihood is based solely on selling and delivering aircraft.

Confidence: We are not an aircraft broker, though we do sell planes on consignment. We own the majority of the aircraft that we sell. Oftentimes an aircraft broker will tell you what they can sell your plane for to make you feel good about that price just so they can get your business. We not only will tell you what your airplane should sell for retail, but the price that we offer an owner for a plane is based on a required gross margin of the expected retail price of the plane. We are confident enough in the price that we quote the plane to sell for that we will invest in your plane expecting to sell it for that price and purchase it using the appropriate margin discount. When you ask other dealers what they will buy the plane for wholesale, you can get a good idea of what they expect it to sell for.

All American Aircraft

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